Love the wine you’re with

I have come to realize that researching wine is only fun if there is a glass of wine nearby… While enjoying a glass of chardonnay, I found some fun facts about wine: There is approximately 5 glasses per bottle of wine Each bottle of wine has about 750 calories There are about 520 grapes per bottle […]

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Wine 101

WINE 101 A few weeks ago I was at a restaurant and I asked the waiter to surprise me with a glass of white wine. The waiter asked me if a dry wine would be okay. I contemplated responding with “no, I prefer it wet and in a glass”, but decided to say “yes” and […]

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Let’s Wine About It!

Have you ever wandered aimless through the liquor store wine section unsure of which wine to buy? Have you ever stared blankly at a restaurant’s wine menu and ended up ordering the wine that is easiest to pronounce? If you answered yes to either of these questions, we are on the same page. Wine is a […]

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