Pairing Wine & Pasta

Pasta is a universally loved dish. The flavour combinations are endless – meat sauces, cream sauces and oil-based sauces – and delicious add ins – chicken, veggies, and seafood. The different flavours of pasta dishes all call for a specific type of wine – red or white, dry or sweet. Tomato-based pasta: Due to the acidity in […]

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Cooking With Wine

“Wine is meant to be with food – that’s the point of it.” – Julia Child Wine has many different flavours and aromas. Combining wine and food intensifies, enhances, and accents the flavour and aroma of food, which makes you look pretty fancy! It’s important to only use wine in your cooking that you would […]

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Pairing Wine & Food

The only thing I love more than wine is food. The different tastes of food affect the way the components of the wine are perceived. The right wine can enhance a dish to perfection. There are no official rules to follow when pairing wine and food as it generally comes down to personal taste. Here […]

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Buying Wine 101

Walking into a wine shop can be an intimidating and bewildering. All you want to do is get in and get out with a bottle of wine you’re going to enjoy. Shopping for wine is like doing your taxes… no one ever really teaches you but you’re expected to know how to do it. WHERE […]

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How to Order Wine Like a Pro

Some Tips and Tricks to Order Wine at a Restaurant Guest Blogger: Lisa Munro This week Lisa Munro will be teaching us how to order wine like a pro! Lisa is the brilliant writer behind the The Inspiration Equation, worked at a wine agency in Toronto, and complete the George Brown Wine’s I course.  Ordering wine at a […]

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